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  1. The TP-Link TL-WPA7510 KIT is a Powerline / Wi-Fi kit. It is intended for people wishing to provide, by theoretical 1 Gb / s powerline, Wi-Fi 5 where it usually does not or badly. Two modules make up the TP-Link TL-WPA7510 kit. They communicate in CPL at 1 Gb/s theoretical. The TP-Link TL-WPA7510 KIT pack has two blocks. The objective is to provide a classic CPL unit which will communicate with a hybrid unit combining CPL and Wi-Fi. This makes it possible to better cover a home whose Wi-Fi network works poorly, or not at all, in certain places. The disassembly of the hybrid unit did not a
  2. No matter what kind of games you sacrifice your Saturdays to, from action GP to FPS, good sound makes any gaming experience better. Even if you already have high-end speakers for your PC, a gaming headset is still necessary for the richer audio experience. 1. Wired or wireless gaming headsets One of the most important choices you will make when choosing a gaming headset is whether or not to go wireless. We're all conditioned to think that what costs more is inherently better - wireless certainly costs more - but there are pros and cons to both options. Wireless connections elimina
  3. The choice of your PC is not only about the central unit. Sometimes, users will be unaware that purchasing a suitable PC monitor plays an essential role in terms of performance and comfort. For example, Blu-ray enthusiasts will not seek the same benefits as gamer or office software users. Here are the key points to consider when buying a PC monitor. PC screens are now available at reasonable prices, with sizes of 20, 21, 27 inches or more. However, the quality is not always there. The standards proposed by the manufacturers are not necessarily the standards to which the most attention sh
  4. In computer science, the term "mouse" refers to a control device held in the palm of the hand, connected to a computer and whose movement on a surface causes the movement of a cursor on the screen. It thus makes it possible to point to elements displayed on the screen and to select them by clicking. In the 1960s, Douglas Carl Engelbart, an American engineer, invented the mouse. It then looks like a wooden box with two wheels and a button and connected to the computer by a wire. It was then not until the end of the 1970s that Jean-Daniel Nicoud, a Swiss computer scientist, developed the f
  5. While the supply of GPUs is still insufficient, Nvidia is debating whether to provide graphics cards as a priority for gamers or cryptocurrency miners. Nvidia's latest generation of graphics cards, the RTX 3000, is a victim of its own success and hard to find from distributors. If you've heard that Nvidia might make Ampere graphics cards just for cryptocurrency miners, don't get carried away. Admittedly, while GPU procurement is trickling down, Nvidia is wondering about its priorities. Colette Kress, chief financial officer of Nvidia has acknowledged that the chip designer could, at least
  6. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has unveiled a board called Pi Pico. It includes an in-house designed microcontroller, the RP 2040. The advertised price for this product is 4 euros. With the Pi Pico board, the foundation has created its own microcontroller with the SoC RP2040. At the start of the year, the Raspberry Pi foundation unveils a board called Pi Pico. In the Pi family, the latter stands out by being the first to have a microcontroller developed by the manufacturer. The Pi Pico is based on the RP 2040 chip. This SoC is based on an Arm Cortex M0+ dual-core chip running up to 133Hz, wi
  7. The Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo and Realme have shown keen interest in MediaTek Dimensity 1200 and 1100 (5G) chips for smartphones, with more to follow. The Taiwanese supplier aims to become a Chinese alternative to Qualcomm. Significant upscaling for Mediatek who comes to titillate Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 with its Dimensity 1200 chip. This week, MediaTek launched the Dimensity 1100 and 1200, a pair of ARM chips for 5G smartphones that challenge the best Qualcomm has to offer with its Snapdragon processors. The Chinese supplier from Taiwan has published only two performance criteria to back up
  8. Apostle of free software and in particular of OpenZFS, Ixsystems is well known for its NAS platform which was brought together under the TrueNAS brand to simplify marketing and sales efforts. Ixsystems NAS line is complemented by the M60 bay with NVMe hard drives and SSDs. Exit FreeNAS, now at Ixsystems all NAS based on the home OS, a FreeBSD kernel while waiting to switch to Debian 11 associated with the OpenZFS 2.0 file system, are marketed with the TrueNAS umbrella, explained the Californian company in last December as part of a press point on the highlights of 2020 and the new featur
  9. With a good price / performance ratio, the Intel Core i5-10600K outperforms its direct competitor at AMD and shows great overclocking skills. The K series at Intel is really willing to overclock thanks to the unlocked multiplier. On the market for mid-range processors designed for everyday use and gaming, the Intel Core i5-10600K (286 €) is doing well with amazing performance thanks to its unlocked multiplier, its six cores and its 12 threads. This 10th generation chip, which is based on the Comet Lake S architecture, remains engraved in 14nm andhosts the same UHD 630 integrated GPU as th
  10. The new improved AZERTY standard is now available through a first LDLC signed keyboard. She's eyeing you, but you're afraid to take the plunge? We tried the experience for you. At the beginning of 2019, after several years of work, AFNOR (French Association for Standardization) published the NF Z71-300 standard on French keyboards, which is divided into two parts: bépo and improved AZERTY. The first is almost a "revolution" with big changes in key layouts (including letters), while the second is a smooth evolution of the AZERTY we know. 93% of the character positions do not change, but we
  11. Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
  12. Welcome to your new Invision Community! Take some time to read through the Getting Started Guide and Administrator Documentation. The Getting Started Guide will walk you through some of the necessary steps to setting up your community. The Administrator Documentation takes you through the details of the capabilities of our platform. Go to the Documentation
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