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How to choose your gaming headset?

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No matter what kind of games you sacrifice your Saturdays to, from action GP to FPS, good sound makes any gaming experience better. Even if you already have high-end speakers for your PC, a gaming headset is still necessary for the richer audio experience.

1. Wired or wireless gaming headsets
One of the most important choices you will make when choosing a gaming headset is whether or not to go wireless. We're all conditioned to think that what costs more is inherently better - wireless certainly costs more - but there are pros and cons to both options.

Wireless connections eliminate the possibility of feedback, static, and crackle that 3.5mm connections are sensitive to. They also avoid cables, which are annoying both to look at and to interact with. They clutter up your installation and make your room more messy.

They always seem to be either too short to be comfortable or long enough to get tangled in the wheels of your gaming chair. The electric son are also troublesome. You can feel them as you play and depending on the braiding of the cable and the fabric of the clothes you wear.

2. Bluetooth or not bluetooth
Just because a headset is "wireless" doesn't have the Bluetooth connection that you might think it does. Wireless gaming headsets, like the Sennheiser GSP 370, are wireless, but lack traditional Bluetooth connectivity. This means that they connect to your PC via a dongle, and will not be able to connect to your phone, or other devices without USB ports. This can be a major drawback for those looking for the greatest flexibility. 

3. Physical connections
Even if you go wireless, you should be careful about the physical connection options that your headset includes. The best gaming headsets usually offer several different connectivity options. If you are a computer game portable, you might think wireless is the way to go, but you should realize that your wireless headset can still occupy a USB port for its dongle.

If you don't have a lot of free USB ports, the traditional 3.5mm connection is your friend. This 3.5mm connection is also essential for playing on the Nintendo Switch. It should also be mentioned that optical and USB connections offer the best sound quality and even the best 3.5mm connection quality is likely to cause feedback.

4. Sound quality of your gaming headset
Regardless of the type of headphones, it is important to know how much the sound can be improved. Regarding this criterion, you should narrow your list down based on your budget and essentials, then test your best choices and try to determine which sound suits you best. Sound quality is the starting point for real value. Of course, better sound usually comes with a higher price tag. But there are a few great budget options that can improve your experience without breaking the bank.

5. How much do good gaming headsets cost?
Believe it or not, a good gaming headset can start at $ 50. If you're more of an audiophile than the typical gamer, you'll want to go beyond the limits of your budget. Fortunately, you can pick up a great headset for $ 80 to $ 200. Most of the models in this line are comparable to some level, and the difference between each model is often due to characteristics other than the actual sound.

6. Choose a good gaming headset with a good microphone
Microphones are not all built the same, and if you are looking for a high-end headset, you should first check that its microphone is of good quality. Some microphones perform much better than others, so if you are someone who cares about their friends and wants to improve the experience of this group, we recommend a nicer microphone.

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